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Square Photo Prints - 35 Pcs.

Square Photo Prints - 35 Pcs.

  • Where quality meets memories. 35 photos kept in mint condition for many years to come 🌟
  • 10x10 cm memories, displayed wherever and whenever you desire.
  • We will prepare Square Photo Prints on Crystal Archive Supreme photo paper in high resolution. In this way, the colors, contrast and depth of the photos will be clear and vivid :)
  • We will prepare the photos you upload to 10x10 cm Square Photo Prints on Fuji Film Crystal Archive Supreme photo paper in high resolution.
  • Photo paper is designed to produce high image quality color prints and reflect as much light as possible. For this reason, it has a natural and pleasant shine.
  • It emphasizes the colors, contrast and depth in the photos. It allows you to get a more vivid image. You can successfully see all the details you want to see in high resolution photos on this printing paper.
  • Got any more questions? Visit our FAQs page.
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100% Happiness Guarantee
Perfect Gift Option
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Set of 35 /
49.9 TL
29.9 TL
User Messages
Amy L. Icon Star
Mum said ‘’this was the best gift I’ve received my entire life’’ thanks to what I sent her. Can’t get any better than that :)
Deborah V. Icon Star
Built by a friendly and warm hearted team. The photos are amazing, thanks again for the great care.
Carolina A. Icon Star
A class quality. Indeed, your products are as good as quality and beautiful as your website. Thanks for making us happy with such good ideas…
Ilaria N. Icon Star
Like? I love it, which is why I want to print out all the photos I have. See you during my next order :)
Rachel B. Icon Star
I’m surprised every time I receive a new package. Products are sooo sweet and they make me super happy. I’m in love with the photo album too. Thanks for your creativity, care and speed…
Charlie E. Icon Star
The moment I received my photos and stickers from that sweet box I was over the moon. Thanks so much for this delicately prepared box.
Lucy K. Icon Star
One word, amazing. So lively, poster printed on such good quality, magnifique. Great job. :)
Nadia S. Icon Star
No more mumbling ‘’oh God what should I get’’ thanks to such a great platform you guys are the sun on a rainy day, thank you!
Margot D. Icon Star
Seriously a really good site. Going to get printouts of my family photos too, soon. Thanks for offering such a wonderful service. It’s a very nice present for my bf :)
Marina K. Icon Star
Don’t just like it, I love it. Creative ideas and delicate prep work well done! Much love Sosyopix
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