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Classic Prints - 25 Pcs.

Classic Prints - 25 Pcs.

  • 25 Classic Prints, for those who love the original 10x15 photo sizes. Choose your photographs, prepare your order easily. The easier way of the photographs you shot with analogue photography cameras and got printed. You can either keep your classic cards in a photo album or display them on your wall; the choice is your 💁‍♀️
  • We prepare Classic Prints photographs on first class 350 gr glossy paper with matte looking protectors. Thus, it preserves its first-day appearance for many years and looks retro.
  • 10x15 cm Classic Cards are prepared on first grade 350 gr glossy paper with matte-looking protective. With this printing, the soft-textured protective layer on the photo cards makes the photos scratch, water and light resistant.
  • Matte photo print is clear and smooth. It has a professional look. Since it reflects much less light than glossy photo prints, it is more suitable for photos to be framed and is a great option for displaying in bright areas.
  • It is a good alternative as it does not have the risk of leaving fingerprints or scratches in photos that will be used frequently.
  • Your photos will have a more retro look with matte print.
  • Got any more questions? Visit our FAQs page.
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User Messages
Clara M. Icon Star
Hi Sosyopix I loved the photos you sent me actually can’t get enough of them, made so carefully. Now I see snippets of my memories every morning when I wake up. Take care.
Lindsay U. Icon Star
Pleased with everything and thanks for every smile you put on our faces especially on our special day :)
Amy L. Icon Star
Mum said ‘’this was the best gift I’ve received my entire life’’ thanks to what I sent her. Can’t get any better than that :)
Marina K. Icon Star
Don’t just like it, I love it. Creative ideas and delicate prep work well done! Much love Sosyopix
Karen C. Icon Star
To keep our memories alive ant to surprise my boyfriend, I gave him Sosyopix mini photo cards. His reaction when he saw the photos was worth every penny.
Sarah H. Icon Star
This isn’t my first order from you guys, I’m someone who has ordered button badges, photo posters and calendar boxes online. And yet, the quality is still as blessed as ever. You’re great.
Josh C. Icon Star
Every inch of this product has been crafted and packed ever so carefully, I mean even the packaging has been given importance to. Thank you…
Hannah P. Icon Star
Me and my friend I gave this gift to both loved it, can’t get enough of it :) Plus you guys have a solution for everything, simple to reach out to, easy to use and super fast you are, thanks for everything :)
Rose M. Icon Star
Words cannot describe how much I loved my product. I love Sosyopix's dedication and its importance, after that I am the only choice :)
Rachel B. Icon Star
I’m surprised every time I receive a new package. Products are sooo sweet and they make me super happy. I’m in love with the photo album too. Thanks for your creativity, care and speed…
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