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Strong Woman Gift Box

Strong Woman Gift Box

  • It was specially prepared for women who deserve the best of everything.
  • Those in this box will remind you and the women in your life of the power you have every time.
  • The Strong Woman Gift Box takes its beauty from the woman, not the name!
  • Strong Woman Gift Box contents:
  • Specially designed mug and notebook,
  • Grind Co. Guatemala freshly ground filter coffee,
  • French press,
  • Görkito Body Mousse, which gives innovation and smoothness to your skin with its attractive cocoa fragrance,
  • Motto card to remind you what you can do when you believe in yourself.
  • Happy Women's Day!
  • Box contents:
  • French Press,
  • Grind Co. Guatemala Coffee 50gr,
  • Specially designed Mug:
  • Height: 9cm
  • Diameter: 8cm
  • Volume: 300ml
  • Designed Notebook:
  • 15x21cm
  • 24 pages
  • Görkito Cocoa Body Mousse 100ml,
  • Motto Card
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Perfect Gift Option
Special Price
Strong Woman Gift Box /
142.9 TL
99.9 TL
User Messages
Julia S. Icon Star
Glad to have discovered you. Loved every single one of my orders loads. The magnets and rosettes are a splendid discovery.
Rose M. Icon Star
Words cannot describe how much I loved my product. I love Sosyopix's dedication and its importance, after that I am the only choice :)
Clara M. Icon Star
Hi Sosyopix I loved the photos you sent me actually can’t get enough of them, made so carefully. Now I see snippets of my memories every morning when I wake up. Take care.
Cassie D. Icon Star
100% Cassie approveddddd :) your interest, customer satisfaction and product quality is 10 out of 10 , 5 stars. A super team... fantastic site... looovvee it... see you at my next order... :)
Margot D. Icon Star
Seriously a really good site. Going to get printouts of my family photos too, soon. Thanks for offering such a wonderful service. It’s a very nice present for my bf :)
Jessica D. Icon Star
Couldn’t have owned these memories in a better way than this :) best shopping experience with the prettiest outcome, thanks for all your support :) Good work
Amy L. Icon Star
Mum said ‘’this was the best gift I’ve received my entire life’’ thanks to what I sent her. Can’t get any better than that :)
Hannah P. Icon Star
Me and my friend I gave this gift to both loved it, can’t get enough of it :) Plus you guys have a solution for everything, simple to reach out to, easy to use and super fast you are, thanks for everything :)
Deborah V. Icon Star
Built by a friendly and warm hearted team. The photos are amazing, thanks again for the great care.
Celine W. Icon Star
Hey there, you guys have built a great team and are very successful and professional. I like your products very much. :) Good work
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