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Metal Photo Grid

Metal Photo Grid

  • State of the art, modern and metal! Designed to hold your photographic and/or material memories close in sight and in your heart.
  • The Metal Photo Grid includes 1 metal grid, 20 retro prints, 12 metal clips and brackets.
  • Display your pics either horizontally or vertically. Whatever floats your boat!
  • Top-notch reminder service!
  • Metal Photo Grid: 48x60cm in size and 100% handmade.
  • Includes 20 retro prints with the original Polaroid® size of 9x11cm.
  • Retro prints are 1st class 350gsm coated paper with a smooth matte finish which is water repellent, resistant to light and scratching.
  • Metal Photo Grid:
  • 1 48x60cm Photo Grid,
  • 20 Retro Prints,
  • 12 Metal Clips,
  • 2 Brackets and nail.
  • Got any more questions? Visit our FAQs page.
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Metal Photo Grid / $33
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" Soooo pleased with Sosyopix. And I’ve recommended them to many of my friends. Good quality, easy payment, delivery on time, everything on point. " - Steven Y. " Just as I was thinking about what present to get, I thought I should put a little effort into it. Found everything I imagined it could be in my search, on your site. Thanks Sosyopix :) " - David R. " The moment I received my photos and stickers from that sweet box I was over the moon. Thanks so much for this delicately prepared box. " - Charlie E. " Above and beyond in success. Gave my pics the best corners in my house and office desk. Thanks a bundle Sosyopix :) " - Uldis L. " Loved my frame. The photos came as they are in perfect quality and super fast too. Gonna shop again soon. Thank you… " - Christine K. " Hey there, you guys have built a great team and are very successful and professional. I like your products very much. :) Good work " - Celine W. " All I can say is, this was one hell of an amazing purchase... photo quality is exceptional, thank you so much <3 a super team, great shopping experience :)) " - Ben M. " One word, amazing. So lively, poster printed on such good quality, magnifique. Great job. :) " - Lucy K. " Thanks a very nice product. I'm definitely ordering again. Sosyopix has great choices if you’re up for becoming a memory collector :) " - David A. " No more mumbling ‘’oh God what should I get’’ thanks to such a great platform you guys are the sun on a rainy day, thank you! " - Nadia S.
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