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You Are The Best Gift Box

You Are The Best Gift Box

  • A gift box saying "I wanted to make you happy" in the most beautiful way!
  • Inside the Gift Box
  • 'You are a limited edition' mug that will remind you with every sip
  • Freshly ground coffee with a fragrant smell and very tasty
  • There is a 6-compartment zippered leather wallet to always fill the pocket with abundance.
  • A gift box that will make you happy when you open the specially designed gift box
  • You can pamper yourself by buying this gift box for yourself, and make them happy by buying it for your loved ones.
  • The Black Leather Wallet is 8x11 cm in size and consists of 6 compartments, 4 cards and 2 cash compartments.
  • The product is made of 100% leather.
  • Porcelain You Are a Limited Edition Cup sizes:
  • Height: 9cm
  • Diameter: 8cm
  • Volume: 300cc
  • Grind Co. 50 gr. ground filter coffee
  • Got any more questions? Visit our FAQs page.
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You Are The Best Gift Box /
User Messages
Lindsay U. Icon Star
Pleased with everything and thanks for every smile you put on our faces especially on our special day :)
Ilaria N. Icon Star
Like? I love it, which is why I want to print out all the photos I have. See you during my next order :)
Rachel B. Icon Star
I’m surprised every time I receive a new package. Products are sooo sweet and they make me super happy. I’m in love with the photo album too. Thanks for your creativity, care and speed…
Hannah P. Icon Star
Me and my friend I gave this gift to both loved it, can’t get enough of it :) Plus you guys have a solution for everything, simple to reach out to, easy to use and super fast you are, thanks for everything :)
Rose M. Icon Star
Words cannot describe how much I loved my product. I love Sosyopix's dedication and its importance, after that I am the only choice :)
Nadia S. Icon Star
No more mumbling ‘’oh God what should I get’’ thanks to such a great platform you guys are the sun on a rainy day, thank you!
Lucy K. Icon Star
One word, amazing. So lively, poster printed on such good quality, magnifique. Great job. :)
Josh C. Icon Star
Every inch of this product has been crafted and packed ever so carefully, I mean even the packaging has been given importance to. Thank you…
Rose T. Icon Star
Just how I wanted it, in fact, even better and all done in no time. Much love Sosyopix, thanks for such a unique design :)
Beatrice R. Icon Star
The product I ordered was better than I expected, thank you. Another thank you for the prompt delivery. Good work :)
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