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Pleasure Tea Gift Box

Pleasure Tea Gift Box

  • Delicious mixes specially blended with dried fruits and spices.
  • A new you in each cup thanks to the vitamins and antioxidants they include!
  • Varieties to double the pleasure of tea time.
  • And a mug to accompany you with these teas.
  • 5 teas inside more meaningful now, for you and your loved ones.
  • Box contents:
  • 1 matte black ceramic mug,
  • Nature & Love Relaxing Rooibos Tea,
  • Nature & Love Traditional Winter Tea,
  • Nature & Love Blue Flower Earl Gray Tea,
  • Nature & Love Balancing Green Tea,
  • Nature & Love Detox White Tea,
  • 5 tea brewing filters,
  • Nature & Love information and tea brewing guide.
  • Box Dimensions: 20cmx25cmx12cm
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Delivery within same day in Istanbul for orders given until 1 pm
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Pleasure Tea Gift Box /
152.9 TL
129.9 TL
User Messages
Lucy K. Icon Star
One word, amazing. So lively, poster printed on such good quality, magnifique. Great job. :)
Francesca P. Icon Star
The quality of your work and the pleasant details in the package are evident. You’re certainly fulfilling the ‘’Guaranteed Happiness’’ claim :)
Josh C. Icon Star
Every inch of this product has been crafted and packed ever so carefully, I mean even the packaging has been given importance to. Thank you…
Nadia S. Icon Star
No more mumbling ‘’oh God what should I get’’ thanks to such a great platform you guys are the sun on a rainy day, thank you!
Deborah V. Icon Star
Built by a friendly and warm hearted team. The photos are amazing, thanks again for the great care.
Clara M. Icon Star
Hi Sosyopix I loved the photos you sent me actually can’t get enough of them, made so carefully. Now I see snippets of my memories every morning when I wake up. Take care.
Sarah H. Icon Star
This isn’t my first order from you guys, I’m someone who has ordered button badges, photo posters and calendar boxes online. And yet, the quality is still as blessed as ever. You’re great.
Margot D. Icon Star
Seriously a really good site. Going to get printouts of my family photos too, soon. Thanks for offering such a wonderful service. It’s a very nice present for my bf :)
Lindsay U. Icon Star
Pleased with everything and thanks for every smile you put on our faces especially on our special day :)
Christine K. Icon Star
Loved my frame. The photos came as they are in perfect quality and super fast too. Gonna shop again soon. Thank you…
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