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Memory Garden With Photos

Memory Garden With Photos

  • Your Photos + Succulent= Memory Garden 🌿
  • Your photos are entrusted to a magnificent succulent decorative flower pot inside 20 Retro Prints that you can keep for years!
  • Change your photos and use them, decide which moment will accompany your today.
  • Remember to water your succulent every 10 days in the winter and once a week in the summer.
  • This pot in both your memories and truly blooming is for you and your loved ones!
  • Photo Memories Garden is sent with 20 Retro Prints. Retro Prints are prepared in 9x11 cm original Polaroid® dimensions.
  • The most natural and most memorable Christmas tree has arrived!
  • Prepare easily, hang it on the wall in 1 minute. 100% handmade.
  • Decorate the Decorative Christmas Tree with sweet ornaments coming out of it.
  • You can illuminate the Christmas tree with Decorative Led Lights
  • A decorative photo hanger that can accompany your life not only for the new year but for the whole year.
  • Got any more questions? Visit our FAQs page.
DeliveryShipping in 8 March Monday
100% Happiness Guarantee
Perfect Gift Option
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Memory Garden with Photos / $20
User Messages
Margot D. Icon Star
Seriously a really good site. Going to get printouts of my family photos too, soon. Thanks for offering such a wonderful service. It’s a very nice present for my bf :)
Christine K. Icon Star
Loved my frame. The photos came as they are in perfect quality and super fast too. Gonna shop again soon. Thank you…
Jessica D. Icon Star
Couldn’t have owned these memories in a better way than this :) best shopping experience with the prettiest outcome, thanks for all your support :) Good work
Lucy K. Icon Star
One word, amazing. So lively, poster printed on such good quality, magnifique. Great job. :)
Ilaria N. Icon Star
Like? I love it, which is why I want to print out all the photos I have. See you during my next order :)
Celine W. Icon Star
Hey there, you guys have built a great team and are very successful and professional. I like your products very much. :) Good work
Sarah H. Icon Star
This isn’t my first order from you guys, I’m someone who has ordered button badges, photo posters and calendar boxes online. And yet, the quality is still as blessed as ever. You’re great.
Marina K. Icon Star
Don’t just like it, I love it. Creative ideas and delicate prep work well done! Much love Sosyopix
Beatrice R. Icon Star
The product I ordered was better than I expected, thank you. Another thank you for the prompt delivery. Good work :)
Carolina A. Icon Star
A class quality. Indeed, your products are as good as quality and beautiful as your website. Thanks for making us happy with such good ideas…
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